Environmental protection,
our priority

Our company is very sensitive to environmental problems and for this reason we make use of technologies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere and pollutant products in the subsoil.

The photovoltaic system ensures almost the whole energy supply necessary to carry out all the vinification processes. Where possible, we plan the use of much equipment in daylight hours, making the most of sunlight, especially during the harvest, where the energy demand is greater and the days are still quite long.

The solar-thermal system, operating in symbiosis with the photovoltaic system, uses solar radiation, thanks to special panels, for heating the sanitary water used in all the company premises. In the case of cloudy years or short days, in support of this plant, there is the inertial storage heat pump, which also ensures hot water for heating the rooms in winter.

As far as the vineyards are concerned, all phytosanitary treatments are carried out with a product recovery nebulizer, in order to almost completely reduce the drift and therefore the dispersion of polluting molecules in the air and in the soil. The chemical weeding of the rows, minimized and targeted only in the area of the strain, is done above all in very rainy years, when other solutions would not resolve the containment of weeds.